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What are the 4 requirements to apply?

Breeze FAQs

  1. Why offer a credit challenged HVAC payment option like Breeze Lease?
  2. Approximately 45% of Americans have fair or poor credit. The fact is many customers do not qualify for traditional financing such as Wells Fargo, Synchrony, Service Finance, Greensky, etc. As a result, many are left with no viable option to replace their HVAC system. Breeze allows you to serve this customer.

  3. Why would someone lease purchase an HVAC system?
  4. Many customers, despite being homeowners, do not have the available funds or credit to purchase an $8,000 to $15,000 HVAC system. Leasing to Own (LTO) is not new and has been around for over 2 decades. Automobiles, furniture, appliances, tires, sheds, etc. are lease purchased every day. LTO, however, is fairly new in the world of HVAC which is why many contractors are unaware that it is an option for customers turned down by traditional financing.

  5. Who is Breeze Lease?
  6. Breeze’s parent company Okinus has been around since 2004 and started leasing HVAC in 2017. Since then, we have helped contractors sell millions in HVAC systems. We launched our Breeze Lease division in 2021 to specifically focus on HVAC and other home improvement needs. We also just announced our partnership with Bastion Capital which gives us access to $100 million in capital for future growth and expansion in HVAC leasing.

General Breeze Program Info

  1. Approvals from $8,000 to $15,000 (contracts from $300 up to max approval amt.)
  2. Contracts from $300 up to max approval amt.

  3. NO Credit Needed
  4. Fast answer with No Documentation Required

  5. Up to 48 Month Terms
  6. NO Cost or Fees to the Contractor
  7. No cost to sign up, No annual fees, No funding discount

  8. 3, 6, 9 Month Express Pay Options to Save the Customer Money (see below)
  9. Monthly Reports to Equifax/Transunion
  10. Builds Customer Credit!

  11. Apply now: www.breezelease.com
  12. Breeze payment calculator https://breezelease.com/hvac- calculator/

Early Payment Options

  1. Express Pay:
  2. Within 3 months: 10% over cash price

    Within 6 months: 20% over cash price

    Within 9 months: 30% over cash price

  3. After 9 months but before 48 months:
  4. Multiply payment amount x remaining payments and reduce by 25%

What does the entire process look like:

  1. Customer Applies; receives approval between $8,000 & $15,000
  2. Breeze emails the contractor an Approval Notification
  3. Contractor emails invoice/quote to HVAC@okinus.com
  4. Customer e-signs the contract on their phone, tablet, or pc
  5. Customer receives email requesting 1st payment, (1st payment + $59.95 + 1% refundable deposit – pays on their device)
  6. Job is now “Delivery/Install Authorized”
  7. Techs install and take pics of inside/outside units w/model and serial # - ~ 4 photos
  8. Contractor emails pics to HVAC@okinus.com
  9. Breeze confirms installation with customer (by phone)
  10. Breeze funds contractor within 72 hours
  11. Breeze emails the contract to the customer

Other financing options